Thursday, June 25, 2009


Madeleine started her first day of ballet class on Wednesday and she loved it!!! I am too anxious to get her in these adorable little outfits and go to recitals! She loves the tap shoes..... as you can imagine. She points her toes and taps them all over the house. Normally she wouldn't start ballet and tap yet but her teacher had an opening and let her in.
What I really need to find is a music class. The child LOVES to sing. She knows all the words to countless numbers of songs. Seriously!! There's probably somewhere around 75 songs!! I have to find all of the cd and dvd's. If you have children you need to check out Cedarmont Kids at Lifeway.
Ok, so this is supposed to be about Ballet, but I have to mention that we have been in big girl panties all week and we're doing great!!!! Thank you M&M's :)

I had to get a rear shot in those little tights!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

You must be able to tell that I am trying to catch up on some postings and not getting ANYTHING else done around the house! We had a great Father's day on Sunday! After church we headed to Red's School House for fried chicken and some good southern cooking. That afternoon Daniel took Madeleine to her first movie at the Rave. I was really nervous about it but, Daniel has been dying to take her to the movies. She sat through the entire movie and even wore her 3D glasses the whole time! I was so proud! Now I can't wait to take her myself! Matt, April, and the boys came over for dinner and we went swimming and officially wore the kids out for the night. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon and the best way to celebrate Father's Day!

Daniel's first picture with his girls

Daddy and Madeleine before the movie

Madeleine practicing holding her breath

Katherine lounging in the swing with Daddy

Matching outfits

I have been dying to put them in matching outfits every since I found out I was having another girl!!! These are the outfits Jeanne and I made for them. We sported them at a birthday party Saturday afternoon. Neither one of them were in the mood for a picture but it had to be documented :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6 Weeks

I really only have time to post pictures since I only have one hand :)

The Miracle Blanket

To tell the truth the blanket kind of scared me at first! It's like putting them in a straight jacket!!! Madeleine never liked being swaddled, but Katherine loves it and nearly sleeps through the night. Last night she slept from 11:00 to 5:30 and then 5:30 to 9:00 when I woke her up! She's pretty fussy without it and even prefers to be swaddled during the day. The child loves to be held and it's hard to get anything done. Any suggestions???? Also, how can I get her to take a bottle or paci? I need some relief over here!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4 Weeks!!!!!!

I cannot believe that Katherine is already 4 WEEKS OLD! I think time moves faster with every child. We are doing great and I am still surprised at how well we are adjusting to having 2 children. I am not saying it's not hard, I guess I was just preparing myself for it to be much, much, more difficult. Madeleine loves her and doesn't seem to be too jealous yet. Every morning she asks to see Katherine. She also enjoys bringing her things she thinks she needs, opening her gifts, and helping me get things like diapers for her. Sometimes she is a little more help than I need and I have to keep a close eye on her! She will definitely try to pick her up or, like today, when she threw a big, hard book into Katherine's crib and it hit her head :)
Katherine has already been many places with us. She's been to the pediatrician 3 times already, shopping, birthday parties, church, chick-fil-a, restaurants, play dates for Madeleine, the lake, a boat ride, and to Auburn!! There's no time to be still, with 2 children life just keeps rolling.
Katherine is a huge fan of nursing, swaddling, swinging, and being held. I carried her in the snugli for the first time today and she knocked right out. She does doesn't really like for me to put her down much at certain times of day. Her routine seems to keep changing but she wakes up around 8 and is pretty alert and content. After too long she wants to be held, nursed and carried around the house till she falls into a deeper sleep. She follows this pattern most of the day. Late in the afternoon she sleeps harder and then from 8-10:00 she is a little fussy and I pretty much nurse her the entire 2 hours before she finally goes to sleep. She sleeps really well at night and sometimes goes a full 5 hour stretch!!! However, she must have not felt well the one and only night so far that she was awake until 2:45 am!! Hopefully I will not be doing that again for a while!!!!! It is not good for my psyche :)

There are new post below......... I am trying to catch up!

Meet Barbara

This is Barbara....... Madeleine's pool doll. You can tell by her hair that she has spent many-a-days in the sun and chlorine. Actually she is Megan's old doll and she was made to get a sun tan back in the day. Jeanne tried to throw her away and even bought Madeleine a new pool baby that will actually swim. Madeleine found Barbara in the trash can and flipped out. So Barbara is back. And we don't know why Madeleine calls her Barbara...... but that's her name. Interesting.

I think I may start posting some stories about Mad's babies so I can remember the occasion for which she got each doll, their names, and the stories behind them. I love that she loves her babies :) Look out for more postings she's got a ton of babies!!!

Memorial Day

Madeleine and Daddy spent Memorial Day weekend at lake Martin with the Dean family. Katherine and I drove there on friday and Saturday. It would have been too much for the two of us since she was only 2 weeks old. It was cold and rainy all weekend but that didn't keep everyone out of the water!!! Adam, Ross and Mary Townsend pulled Madeleine and Daniel on her first tube ride. I was scared to death!!! She LOVED it!