Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's Monday

Today started off REALLY rough. Katherine is not feeling well for a number of reasons of which I am a little unsure. Ears? Teeth? Bad cold? Allergies maybe? Why are we still having colds? Isn't it close enough to summer for that to be over with? Anyway, I went to Lowe's at 7 am (it's my new time to run an errand by myself before Dan leaves for work, if it's somewhere that's already open like Publix) to get some pots for Katerine's birthday. Of course they didn't have the size I needed so I got some plants to fill an empty pot I had. Then I come home and smash my new plant on the ground while trying to plant it. It is now all flopped over and broken. My pot looks nothing like I imagined and I'm irritated. I make sure the girls are occupied and I actually take a shower and fix my hair. Katherine is being fussy and now I have to get Mad ready for school. No one wants to cooperate with me and I'm feeling a little edgy. Mad is upset that Kat is crying and she can't hear the television. I try to get Katherine to sit in her hair and eat some grapes while I make M's lunch. This last's a few minutes and now she's screaming bloody murder. I call Daniel to come home and take mad to school. Huge inconvenience for him. he has a busy day and won't get home until late tonight. Mad's off to school and then I discover that Katherine has the worst diaper rash EVER. She's also pulling on her ears, has a nasty cold, and I know a tooth has to break through her gum any day now. She took 2 long naps today I loaded her up with Tylenol and Motrin and she was finally in a good mood late this afternoon. Usually I dread this time of day if Daniel is not home. But we redeemed the day, played outside, ate dinner together, bathed, snuggled, and made it to bed with out any drama. Then I did nothing but spend the next two hours making a post because, after all, it is Monday and I said I would. And my house is still a wreck. But I'm telling myself that I'll be ok......

The girls love some vegetable soup!

It is inevitable that the messier Katherine's meal is the more likely she is to pull her and and smear food ALL in it. Luckily after dinner I put them straight in the bath. All other meals I avoid her eating things that get too messy :)

The girls played outside for a long time before dinner. It was actually cool and felt sooo nice! I am glad I have not seen many mosquitoes yet but, I'm sure it wont be long before we're not able to step out the door without being bitten! Madeleine has learned to swing by herself which is REALLY nice!!!! She still likes for me to push her when I'm out there with her. I think it's because I am pushing Katherine. Both of the girls love to be outside it's such a nice change of scenery for Katherine especially. I can tell she is getting really bored inside sometimes.

Unrelated to today.....
Every morning when Madeleine wakes up she likes to get in her chair and watch a cartoon. Right now her favorite is Max and Ruby. And, every morning Katherine likes to sit at Madeleine's feet or try to climb in her chair with her. Madeleine, depending on her mood, likes her being there with her. This particular day she was trying to help Katie into the chair with her. Madeleine also likes to feed Kate snacks while she sits at her feet like a little puppy.

Katherine's Easter Dress

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well I have decided that I am going to try to keep this blogging thing going by committing to spending some time every Monday to make a post about our week. Sadly, I am off to a rough start because I can't download my pictures since I left my camera bag in Jenny's stroller last night.
I can't tell you exactly what it is that makes my life so crazy busy. Maybe it's that I have a 3 year (which is more like X5 kids) and an 11-month cruiser that is learning to voice her opinions loudly! I just know that while I have had no shower, mountains of laundry, sticky wood floors, and toys flung in every corner of the house I am going to regret not having some memories recorded of our sweet and sometimes crazy life!

***Since I didn't have my camera I did a late Easter post below***
This year we celebrated Easter by going to our Church for the regular service. The girls wore dresses that Jeanne and I made for them(mainly Jeanne). I did put together a lot of the lace for Mad's dress and I embroidered Kat's just in time for Easter. It was quite a project and I will not be embroidering on that kind of fabric again--even though it turned out beautifully. After church we went home for a quick rest and then enjoyed a late lunch with Daniel's family and the Weimer's.

Madeleine in her dress. We all know it's not easy getting ready for church!
I'll have to download pictures of Katherine later and post them. I didn't realize that they were not on here.

Jenny hosted the Christchurch Easter egg hunt at her house this year. We had plenty of candy by the end of this week with all the parties! I had to stash most of what didn't get eaten to help spread out the ridiculousness!

Madeleine and Katherine both make this expression that I like to call the "scrunchy face".

Mackin Roth, Liam Baker, and Katherine

Madeleine getting ready to devour her basket

Mackin and Katherine

Katherine enjoying some Easter egg cookies!!! They were absolutely delicious! MeMe can't deny a child of a sweet treat :)

Madeleine's class eater egg hunt at Graham Martin's house.
Kate's enjoying the snacks :)