Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2009

Pre-Christmas Festivities
Riding the train and the carousel at Eastdale Mall.

We went to see the Zoo lights but it was freezing cold and not quite the experience I was hoping for. I guess that is how it is with kids sometimes. :) Madeleine did enjoy the train ride and the lights and then we called it a night.

I am a HUGE fan of The Pioneer Woman! You'll notice her on my blogroll. I have been dying to try out her cinnamon rolls and felt like Christmas was the perfect time. It makes 7 pans and you can freeze them. They turned out beautifully and were sooo delicious!!!

Making Christmas cookies with Madeleine.

On Christmas Eve we went to the Christmas Pageant at our church and Madeleine was one of the animals. She wore a chicken costume that we had from Halloween. She did great though the entire play and patiently sat up in front of the stage the entire play! After church we went home and did the whole cookies for Santa and bedtime stories. The anticipation of Christmas morning so much fun! We got everything ready after the girls were in bed and ate Chinese food for dinner. Super cozy!

Cookies for Santa

Story time with Daddy on Christmas Eve

Story time with Mommy

Christmas morning was soooo much fun this year!! Madeleine was so excited when she woke up and the look on her face was priceless! As much I have been looking forward to these day's with my little girl I cannot believe how old she is. She has grown up all of the sudden and I'm doing my best to hang on to every moment!

This little house came highly recommended and Katherine loves it!!! She laughs so hard when Madeleine pops her head through the little window or door! It melts my heart!

Madeleine's favorite princess is Snow White and the most requested item for Christmas was anything with a princess on it. I would say we have plenty of it now!! Santa even brought her a castle to play in. I was shocked at how big it was when we put it together on Christmas Eve. I thought it was going to be more like a tent but now it's permanent fixture in my foyer. HA! At least she loves it and spends lots of time in there!

Madeleine and Katherine got a couple of sweet new Middleton babies from MeMe and DeDe for Christmas. I LOVE some baby dolls!

Madeleine had been flying around the house on her tricycle for a couple of months so I thought a bike was in order for Christmas. When I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her is was, of course, a princess bike! She is really good at it now. At first, the back breaks were confusing and she has a little trouble getting up hill. I wish we had more places to ride our bike so we ended up taking it to MeMe's house for now.

After we had Christmas morning at our house we headed over to MeMe and DeDe's for brunch, hung around a bit, went home and napped, then headed back over for Christmas dinner and more presents! I was finished with my camera by then and didn't get anymore pics, but we had WONDERFUL Chrismas!!! I was so pleased at how much Madeleine understood this year about Jesus's birth and why we celebrated Christmas. She amazes me with the questions she asks and her ability to understand things. I was a little worried about the overload of presents but she was so sweet and grateful. She also enjoyed handing out gifts to everyone else. Days like that make you feel like you have done your job well :) And I am hoping for many more of them! Whew!