Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interview with Madeleine

I got this idea from Amanda Jone's blog, Baby Bangs, and I couldn't wait to hear what Madeleine said. At first she kept getting irritated because I was asking her so many questions but then she said she would tell me if I gave her a piece of candy. Hehe!

1.What is something Mommy/ Daddy always says to you?
Mom- Say please and thank you
Dad- He says the same thing as mommy

2. What makes Mommy/ Daddy happy?
Mom- Doing a great job at school.
Dad- Doing a great job at school.

3. What makes Mommy/ Daddy sad?
Mom- NOT doing a great job at school
Dad- not doing a great job

4. How does Mommy/Daddy make you laugh?
Mom- can't remember
Dad- Make silly faces

5. What was Mommy like as a child?
Mom- little
Dad- he plays

6. How old is Mommy/Daddy?
Dad- A really big 0

7. How tall is Mommy/ Daddy?
Mom- Tall as me
Dad- Really Tall!

8. What is Mommy's/ Daddy's favorite thing to do?
Mom- Do chores
Dad- play with me and snuggle me

9. What does Mommy/ Daddy do when you're not around?
Mom- Takes care of Katherine and runs errands
Dad- Go to work

10. What is Mommy/Daddy really good at?
Mom- Doing arts and crafts
Dad- building fires

11. What is Mommy/Daddy not very good at?
Mom- not putting movies on
Dad- reading different books that he doesn't know but that I(Mad) know

12. What does Mommy/Daddy do for her job?
Mom- Take care of Katherine and I(Mad) take care of Daddy
Dad- makes money to buy children toys that do not have any toys and to buy me candy when I do a great job.

13. What is Mommy's/Daddy's favorite food?
Mom- Lasagna
Dad- Chinese food!

14. What makes you proud of Mommy/Daddy?
Mom- doing a great job

15. If Mommy/Daddy were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Mom-"you will be Ramona and I will be Beezuz"
Dad- Ramona's Daddy

16. What do you and Mommy/Daddy do together?
Mom-read books and make play dough
Dad- Snuggle and read

17. How are you and Mommy/Daddy the same?
Mom- we both have jewelry boxes in our room
Dad- we wear the same blue jeans

18. How are you and Mommy/Daddy different?
Mom- I just dont know Momma!
Dad- He's balding his hair

19. How do you know Mommy/Daddy loves you?
Mom- Because you are real good at doing stuff
Dad- Because I love him so much!

20. Where is Mommy's/Daddy's favorite place to go?
Mom- grocery store
Dad- to chinese places