Wednesday, June 9, 2010

O What a Beautiful Morning!!

This morning Daniel gave Katherine a bottle to try to keep her in the bed longer because we were both exhausted. He had the stomach bug the day before and I was up with Madeleine in the the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. Anyway, he left her door open (we have a baby lock on it otherwise) and when Madeleine woke up she went in there because Katherine was awake and playing in her crib. I was half asleep but still aware the kids were awake. Typically, Madeleine will play in her room or read books so I thought that's what she was doing and I tried to take advantage of it and get a little more sleep. Well, when Daniel got up and went in there he started yelling for me to get up. I knew then that she had been in to something. Ahhhhhh!!!!! She has done this once before and suffered the consequences. I should have thrown the baby powder away the first time this happened!

This is the disaster we woke up to this powder and petroleum jelly = one angry mom! The picture does not do this justice. It really was everywhere!! All things were coated in a fine layer of powder. I could hardly breathe when I walked in the room!

Katie all cleaned up. She actually looks like she's into whatever cartoon is on television. HA! (She really doesn't watch cartoons yet, but she's acting like it!)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


We are finally all better and germ free!!! I feel like we've paid our dues and hopefully we'll have some healthy, fun days ahead!!! Daniel and Katherine got by without any known symptoms and Madeleine, Jeanne, David and myself all got the bug.
School is out for the next couple of of weeks so I have lots of plans to fill up our days. Madeleine is looking forward to swim lessons next week and play dates with friends, BUT MOST OF ALL we are excited about Matt, April, Josh, Caleb and Luke coming home next week and staying for the next 6 weeks!!!! It seems like forever and yet not so long ago that they went Hong Kong last August.