Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Daniel and I went on our last get-a-way to the Bahamas before Katherine gets here. Our cruise left out of Miami on a Monday so we flew down Sunday and spent the day and night in South Beach. We had my favorite meal there at Sushi Samba. Obviously I can't eat real sushi right now but there are some rolls that I can have. This has been one of my main cravings recently. The people watching was fascinating there as well as on the cruise :) The ship was really nice and clean and I loved having a balcony. The buffet food was not great but the breakfast, french fries, and ice cream were wonderful! Their specialty restaurants were good as well. I ate an entire omlet and waffle every morning! I feel like all I do is eat to try to keep the nausea away. I definitely eat the most throughout the morning and then by dinner time I can't eat as much. Anyway, about the cruise. Daniel and I each read 2 books, relaxed by the pool, went to a couple of the cheesy shows :) and really just enjoyed spending time with one another. Our ports were in Freeport, Nassau, and Grand Stirrup Cay (which was cancelled the last day). When we were in Nassau we went to the Atlantis which was really pretty. I hope to take our family there one day. I know Madeleine would absolutely love it and I bet Katherine would also.
We were so glad to get back home to see Madeleine!!!! It was so hard being away from her but, much needed at the same time. As soon as we got back we transitioned her into her big girl girl room and she is doing GREAT!!! Which will bring me to my next post soon :)

Loading the ship at our port in Miami

Disney World

Yes, I should have made this post in January! And I have tons to catch up on since then.... my pregnancy, our cruise, Madeleine's transition to her big girl bed! Hopefully I mean it when I say, more to come soon :)
The Dean's took Matt, April, the boys, Daniel, Madeleine and I to Disney World for Christmas this year. The weather was wonderful in the 70's the whole time! Madeleine is so ready for summer, especially since we got to go swimming while we were there. We went to the Magic Kingdom for 2 days, Animal Kingdom 1 day, and Epcot another. Our favorite was The Magic Kingdom for sure. We could have spent the entire week in one park! There was way more to do than we could make our way through. The lines were ok and Madeleine was amazingly patient!!! Probably because we always had ice cream and popcorn. Her favorite ride was Dumbo. Daniel maybe spent a total of 3 hours waiting in line to ride this over and over! Another favorite was the Nemo show at Animal Kingdom. It really was incredible! I am so glad we got to see it since that is Madeleine's favorite movie right now. I was surprised that I could ride and do pretty much everything Madeleine could. I was concerned they wouldn't let me on anything pregnant. However, I did do a lot of sitting out and snacking :)

Madeleine still talks about our trip and loves to look at the pictures from it. She is familiar with all the characters now. She went nuts when she saw Pluto at the character breakfast. The funniest thing was when she finally got to see minnie mouse she froze. She wouldn't look up at her or budge until Me Me picked her up. It was like she was star struck!!! She did not act like that with the other ones. I have tons of pictures but I hate having to go through them and then it takes forever to download them. That may be one of the main reasons I find it so difficult to blog. It takes too darn long!

We can't wait to take both of the girls back again one day. I bet it won't be too long. Daniel can't resist Madeleine's charm. :) And she was so well behaved from the car ride, to the long lines, ect..... It couldn't have gone any better. Except for poor David, he had to have an appendectomy while we were there :) Guess he won't have to worry about it happening again!