Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pregnancy update

My pregnancy has not been much fun to talk about the last 19 weeks but for the sake of remembering I should write more. To start on a positive note I have been feeling the baby move since somewhere around 16/17 weeks. I can really feel it a lot this week and it's been really sweet for me! I feel like I have just popped out there this month and have finally bought some maternity clothes. All of my clothes from my pregnancy with Madeleine are for a totally different season so I am basically starting over. I must say that Montgomery has really slim pickings for maternity shopping.
Madeleine talks a lot about the baby in mommy's tummy. She will hug and kiss it. She usually claims it's a baby sister. We find out Monday the 22nd what we are having and we cannot wait!!!!!! Daniel thinks it's a boy and I am starting to think it's a girl. Mainly b/c I hardly have to shave my legs!! Is that a weird symptom or what?! I was the same way with Madeleine. However, I have had 2 dreams this week that I am having a boy.
I still feel nauseous a lot. I usually only throw up once a day and sometimes not at all. The worst thing is trying to get around in the car. To keep the nausea away I feel like I have to snack all day long. I dislike more foods than I like. But I do crave Asian type foods, caesar salad, pasta, fruit, Quizno's subs, and ketchup. My McDonalds craze has seemed to fade a bit. Which I consider to be a great thing! When I was really sick that was one of the only things I could keep down. This week it seems that my snacking schedule has been raisin bran, banana, granola bar, tuna salad, cheese, and crackers for lunch, chex mix, ice cream or cereal and dinner. Well, with all that I'm hungry :)

Happy Birthday Madeleine!!

I can't believe my little girl is already two!!! There are so many things I want to remember about this year it's hard to collect all of my thoughts. Especially since I have major pregnancy brain going on! Madeleine amazes me with her language and social skills. She makes complete sentences and knows how to use I, me, you, ours, theirs, his, and her for example. She never forgets when I tell her we are going to do something or go somewhere. If I tell her we are going to play with play doh after nap time she will remind me. When we are in the car she recognizes directions to familiar places like Me Me's, Megans, Chick-fil-a, Publix, Wal-mart, School, and the park. If I turn opposite of the direction she wants to go she will say no this way and turn around. She LOVES music and knows the words to many songs. Her favorite being Jesus loves me, Jesus loves the little children, Twinkle Twinkle, Row your Boat, and Happy Birthday. It seems that Madeleine's precious heart is already so tendered towards the Lord. Her favorite books and songs are usually about Jesus and I hear her talk about him all throughout the day. Just last week she was playing with her Nativity and she says, "Jesus eats Chinese food" I have not stopped laughing about that one :) At every meal she sings God our Father with her hands clasped together and will remind us when we forget. She knows that Christmas is Jesus's birthday. She listens intently when Daniel or I pray for her at night and she loves to name all of the people in her life that Jesus loves. Ok I know this is getting long and I haven't even talked about her party yet! I will record more later after Mad's 2 yr check up!
Her party turned out to be a success despite being sick all week. I felt so unprepared but we pulled together at the last minute. We had a cupcake theme party and all the children decorated cupcakes. Jeanne made adorable monogramed apron's as party favors! At first I thought my idea about letting the children decorate their own cake was going to be a bust and make a total mess. However everyone was extremely cooperative and so consumed with their cake that there was not much chaos! Madeleine seemed to be totally aware that the party was all about her. When she woke that morning and saw everything decorated she said, ooohhh I love it! She sang the entire happy birthday song to herself as loud as she could and blew out her own candles. I don't know if I posted a good pic but, I did make her birthday outfit and Jeanne put the applique on it for me. Anyway, I'm proud and I thought it turned out pretty darn cute :)
The picture in Madeleine's new big girl room (a post and pics to come soon) is of her and her new Baby and baby doll cradle that Me Me and De De got her. Daniel and I got her a Kidkraft play kitchen and play food and dishes to go with it. She also got a new table and chair set but it's not here yet. OK, enough time for pics.....