Friday, November 26, 2010


This year the Weimer's were gracious enough to host our family for Thanksgiving. We are so blessed to have extended family that we enjoy being around so much!

Everyone brought their favorite side dish. I made dressing because I can't live through a Thanksgiving without my grandmother's dressing. Daniel's favorite thing is Autumn pudding (Sweet potato casserole) so I made double everything so we could have plenty of leftovers. I'm already getting tired of it though :)

We missed everyone who could not be with us this year, but we still had a great time!!! My family went to Florida and Jeanne is in China with the rest of the Dean's so there are a lot of people out there missing these girls!!! Get ready for all of the pictures because this is for the grandparents!!!

I decided on Wednesday to do a little family project called the Thanksgiving Tree. Earlier Wednesday the girls and I picked out sticks for our tree. After dinner that night we colored leaves and talked about things we were thankful for. Katherine enjoyed coloring and Madeleine liked getting to use the hole puncher and hanging the leaves on our tree.

Katherine new trick is to buckle herself into everything. She insist on doing it millions of times!!! She can buckle herself in but can't undo it yet. This can be very annoying when she wants to do this while we are trying to eat.

Cousin Avery

Cousin Caroline

Katherine did NOT want to sit on this bench with Madeleine.

Katherine pouting, She's got a good one!!!

Madeleine and me

My first Thanksgiving turkey!