Saturday, September 4, 2010


I got excited when the weather got a little cooler so we headed to the park for a picnic and let the girls get out and play. The only problem was that it was noon and not so cool anymore :( I guess you could say that it was short and sweet because we still had a good time.


We made our way back down to the beach before it was time to get back into the swing of things at school. Daniel got to come down with us for the weekend and then Jeanne and I stayed with the girls the rest of the week. I tell you what, I really appreciate having a man around to carry all the gear and babies everywhere. I probably spent a total of 15 minutes on the beach in the 7 days I was there. Katherine was a nightmare on the beach this time. She wanted to go straight in the ocean.... not just the edge. She wanted to go all the way!!! I couldn't distract her for anything! Madeleine was really into the pool so we stayed there most of the time. She actually got brave enough to start swimming without a float. By the end of the week she was swimming under water, jumping off the edge, and swimming across the pool! The girls slept great all week and actually slept late every morning! It was so dark in the rooms and they were so exhausted from swimming that I actually got plenty of rest too! Yay!!! During the day Kat would take long naps and I would stay in the room with her. There's an awesome balcony at the condo so it was almost as good as being on the beach for me.

These were the only pictures I took the whole time because it was just too much trying to take pics and keep up with the kids all week.

Madeleine loves the bathtub at the beach condo!!!! She took huge bubble baths almost every night. We had to wait until Katie was out because we couldn't see her in all of the bubbles.

Cozy Night