Monday, June 30, 2008

What do you do?

It was hard for me to decide what to do on this one. Discipline, because she knows not to do this. Or take a picture? I thought you may appreciate the picture :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

18 Months

Madeleine turned 18 months on the 13th of June and today we had her check up with Dr. Glover. She was in the 85-90% (33 in) in height and a whopping 80% (26lbs) in weight! We were suprised to she her jump from the 50% to the 80% in the last 3 months since we've been in but, everything checked out great! Madeleine was hesistant from the moment we walked in the front door of the doctors office. She know's exactly why we are there. When she saw Dr. Glover she pointed at him and said boo boo!!! Then persistently screamed no no, door, and bye bye!!! I felt soooo bad for her and all I could do was hold her. You would think by her reaction she would never recover but she perked up as soon as we left.

She now has 12 teeth, 4 molars in the back and 8 in front. She's fascinated with brushing her teeth and insists on doing it herself! I think she just likes the toothpaste :) The doctor asked if she spoke atleast 10 words and I laughed!! She talks so much I've stopped counting at 100! She is going to be a chatter box. As most of you know it is NEVER quiet at my house! We also talked about potty training and moving to a toddler bed. Madeleine now proudly announces when she goes potty and can successfully remove her diaper! Even though she's showing some signs of readiness I dont think I am. We'll talk about it closer to age 2! Unless I can't keep that diaper on her :) As for a toddler bed, I think she still likes her crib and surprisingly has not climbed out of it yet! I also don't want an 18 month old strolling through the house at night! Scary!

Sorry I know this is a little much but I found the other pics!

The Dress

I know you have been wanting to see the dresses Jeanne and I have put MANY HOURS into for Madeleine. This particular one is her Easter dress. I will try to get some better pictures posted of the detail on it. And you have to see it with the bonnet!!!! I post some as soon as I can get her in it again :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dean Family Vacation

Can anyone tell that I don't know what I'm doing???
I thought our vacation would be a great place to start. This year Jeanne and David rented a house for the entire family in Grayton Beach. I must say I was quite nervous taking a fearless toddler to the beach!! Madeleine is pretty energetic and is not concerned with staying nearby mommy and daddy. She is always ready to run off towards whatever interests her most. The days of tanning, reading, and sipping daiquiris on the beach are over. But, the joy we have in experiencing these firsts with Madeleine do not compare! She LOVED the ocean and the sand in her diaper did not hold her back! She is always ready to go, go, go! (as madeleine says). I didn't have to worry about her going down for her naps like I thought. She was too worn out to fight!
Daniel and I had the chance to go out a couple of times since the Deans were gracious enough to babysit. We rode bikes nearly every morning and one day took Madeleine to a cozy breakfast at Another Broken Egg. Mainly because we were up before everyone else and tried to let others sleep in :) We had a shrimp boil one night and Madeleine is a seafood lover!!! She ate more than I did! I couldn't peel them fast enough and therefore I didn't have time to eat. Atleast I'm not dealing with a picker eater! She also loves any kind of fish, even tuna and salmon!
I think Madeleine most enjoyed that her cousins Josh and Caleb were there. No one can make her laugh like those two guys!!! She's been wondering where they are since we've been home. I think she's bored now without anyone to play with. I guess she'll need another sister or brother soon.......or LATER !!! But we'll see :)
Thank you Jeanne and David for the wonderful vacation!!! We will look back with so many fond memories of this special time with our family and with Madeleine.

Do I look like a mom or what??!!

One More Shot.....

So....... I am going to give this one more shot. I tried to start blogging when Madeleine was born but, I didn't have the time to figure things out. I hate writing and I'm not the most computer savvy person in the world. But, for all the people that love getting pictures and keeping up with Madeleine I am doing this for YOU! Please hang in there while I try to figure things out once more. :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008