Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Dog, Bad Dog

I was thinking recently about all of the cozy traditions our family has started building without even realizing they are becoming traditions. Thankfully we are not lacking for any thanks to my sweet husband! One thing I have always appreciated about Daniel is that he loves quality time and values the importance of building a strong relationship with our two girls. Good Dog, Bad Dog is a game that Daniel's father always played with them and now he plays with our girls. Every one takes turns being the dog making sweet doggie sounds, then when you pet the dog he starts barking and attacks (tickles) the person who is petting the dog. It's a simple game but the girls LOVE it! I guess life really is about the little things.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Today I finally got my camera out again and decided to do a blog marathon for all of my friends and family out there that haven't seen us in a while. We've been quite busy with school, family, sickness, our house on the market, and the daily drama of having two wild and crazy little girls!!!

Catching up part 2

We made a quick run down to the beach after a long week! The girls had sooo much fun! It made us all so ready to get back down there this summer when the water gets warm!

Almost all of spring break the girls were sick so we only got out once to go to the park with some friends.

Night Night Katie

Every night Madeleine loves to put Katie to bed before she and Daniel head to her own room to read stories. Recently Katie asked Daniel to snuggle her in her bed and he couldn't resist getting in there with her. She wants him to get in every night now and cleans out a big spot to make room for him to get in. Hopefully the crib wont cave in before we put her in a big girl bed!

Valentines Day

Catching Up

Madeleine and Emily in their matching PJ's

First night in the same room...... and one of the last. For now atleast. :)

Dressing up