Friday, August 1, 2008

The Park

It's Friday and we were ready to get out of the house!! Madeleine and I have got in the habit of going somewhere almost every day now. Our most famous request is " The Store" which usually means Publix because she gets to ride in the car and gets a free cookie. Today we met Mary, Ross Townsie, Gina, and Jackson at the playground. We then went to Chappy's for lunch. I am so proud of Madeleine today because she actually stayed in her chair the entire meal and ate almost all of her chicken and french fries. Chappy's has been a huge hit with her!!! I am so glad we're moving into a phase of being able to take her out to eat again. At least as of today :)

She always makes this face!

Little Piggies

Mary, Ross, and Mary Townsend came over to play this week and Townsie had her hair in pigtails!!!! Oh so cute!! Anyway, Mary tried to put Madeleine's hair up. It was fun but, I don't think her hair is ready for this style yet :) It's bone straight and not long enough yet. Maybe one day Madeleine!

Monkey on our back!

Recently I have had an issue with Madeleine wanting to run off in public so I bought this monkey backpack that has a leash. I didn't think she would like it, but it was only $8.00. Well, it turns out that it's worth far more than I invested because she will not take it off!! We have worn it everywhere and we throw tantrums when I try to take it off!