Monday, November 23, 2009

Found one!

I finally found one of the only pics of Katherine. This is a picture of Liam, Mackin, and Katherine at Harvest Fest.
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Madeleine at Harvest Fest

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Playing Catch-up

My long time best friend Shannon and her little girl Hannah Grace came to visit us a couple of weeks ago. Shannon is really my only friend that I have stayed this close to since middle school! Shannon lives in Birmingham now and we hardly ever get to see each other! We decided that we were going to swap going back and forth between Montgomery and Birmingham one day a month. I am so glad we are doing this so that the girls can somewhat grow up together kind of like Shannon and I did! And we can have some girl time together!

Madeleine was taking a nap when I finally took pictures.

We also went to visit Daniel's long time best friend Charles, his wife Courtney, and Anders (19 mths). Daniel and Charles have been best friends for the last 18 years! They live in Athens, Ga where Charles is the youth director at Athens Church. They are the best host! We went to downtown Athens and walked around the campus, ate an amazing lunch a Taco restaurant, grilled out, watched movies, talked, laughed, and I mean REALLY LAUGHED!!!! Which is impossible not to do if you know Charles.
The girls did absolutely wonderful and were the best little travelers this weekend! I am sorry to say that this is the ONLY picture that I have. I think Courtney may have one good one.

The girls took their first bath together and Madeleine LOVED it. She likes to do anything as long as Katherine is with her. (side note) I have finally put Katherine in the nursery at church and now I don't have any problems leaving Madeleine. I think she started crying when we would leave her because Katherine got to leave with us. I think it's so sweet how she wants Katie to be with her all the time!! She wants Katie to do everything she is doing and to follow her from room to room around the house to "watch" her (Mad.) play.

Megan and Braxton found out what the twins were and invited the family over for pizza to find out. We were so excited we could hardly wait but, it was worth it! The Deans and the Weimer's each had a card with the gender written in it. Madeleine and Katherine are so excited to have some more girls in the family!!!! I can't believe the girls have out numbered the boys! We miss you Matt, April, Josh, Caleb, and Luke!

The Dean's opening baby card #1. It's a Girl!

The Weimer's opening baby card #2 It's a Girl!

Painting for the nursery that says "For these children we have prayed"

Our family loves having a fire burning in the fireplace!!!!! We have been waiting for the first cold night to hit this winter. Madeleine was in the mood for some pics so I snapped some :)

**** Two new posts below!!!****

Mackin's Christening

We are sooo blessed to be the Godparents of sweet little Mackin Roth!! We have developed such a wonderful friendship with Jenny and Todd who are also the Godparents of Katherine. Mackin and Katherine are only a month apart. Emory is 5 and Lawson is 3. All of our children are the best of friends!!! Their friendship is one of many reasons Montgomery is home to us and we are so grateful for them!

Mackin and Me

Katherine and Me

Madeleine, Lawson, Peyton, and Emory


I am a little late on my Halloween post but it's here! This year we went to the annual Christchurch Harvest Fest and then we had a hayride/ trick-or-treat/ get together starting at the Dean's house. We had pizza and appetizers to start out and finished the night off with a ton of candy. Golson and Lauren provided a trailer and Braxton cautiously made his way through the extremely crowded neighborhood!!! We have done this 2 years in a row now and I have to say it's one of my new favorite holiday traditions! Katherine was asleep and I missed getting her picture so I am going to have to put her back in her costume and snap one! It's too cute to miss it!

Dinner before the Hayride.


Best buddies, Emory and Madeleine.

Josephine (little red riding hood)

James and Lawson

All of the kiddies before the trick or treat hayride.

Check out the UPS man (K.B.) and the package (James)! Isn't that hilarious!

Me and one of my best friends Traci. She has been to Montgomery 5 times since my pregnancy with Katherine. She came twice when I was pregnant, 2 entire weeks during the summer, and came to spend Halloween with us this fall. This gal has cleaned my house top to bottom, taken care of 2 a year old (no small task), a newborn, ran errands all over Montgomery, cooked, been to M's preschool and the pediatricians office! I hope you still want to have kids! To say that she knows the ins and outs of this family in an understatement! Thank you Traci! We have thoroughly enjoyed you being a part of our family! We love you! (I know you are going to kill me for posting this :) HAHA

Madeleine before Harvest Fest at Christchurch. Then I forgot my camera and that was the end of pictures for the night :( She was the cutest Madeline ever and Katherine was the cutest lady bug!