Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Madeleine is 3 years old!!!

Madeleine had a very special birthday this year! I can't believe she is 3 years old already! We were able to actually celebrate her birthday and have her party on the same day this year. It was Sunday so we started the day off with a good breakfast, went to church, and ate lunch at Jason's Deli with Mimi and DeDe. After lunch we thought it would be a good idea to let her go ahead and open her presents from us. Then she actually took a nap and woke up just in time for her party!

We started out the day with a birthday blueberry muffin. To say that she was excited that it was her birthday is an understatement! She has been waiting for this day ALL YEAR!

Opening presents after lunch. She wanted all of her present to be under the Christmas tree.

She got a Cinderella CD player and microphone! This girl loves to sing and this was the perfect gift for her!

I was really surprised at the quality of the mic, it was pretty good and VERY LOUD! Madeleine has a loud voice anyway, but then to amplify it!!!! Oh my! (So funny.... Today, I took M to school and her teacher told me to keep her well until Friday because they need her for the Christmas program because she's one of the loud ones. HA!)

That night we had a small birthday party at Mimi's house with a few close friends and family. I wanted something a little less stressful than having 30 kids packed in a house in the middle of December. I felt a little bad for not doing a big party, but in the end I think this was the perfect Birthday and I think she felt the same way! We did a Madeline themed party since that is her favorite book and movie at this time. I decorated in blue, yellow, and red (those are her colors) and I got an Eiffel Tower for the centerpiece that M loved! We had hot dogs for the kids for dinner and Chili in bread bowls for the grownups :)

I tried to get some cute pictures before anyone got there but Madeleine was too interested in this party toy.

We tried to plan a special little surprise for Madeleine by having Mrs. Clavel, Madeline and the 12 little girls teacher, show up to bring Madeleine a gift all the way from Paris, France from Madeline. She also read her the story and took a picture with her. Madeleine was a little shy but absolutely loved it and is still talking about Mrs. Clavel coming to her party!

I was worried about the kids not having anything to do because the weather was horrible but I should have known they could entertain themselves. Who needs a jumpy thing when there's a party at Mimi's house? !

Madeleine's Cake

She just likes to eat the icing. I guess at least it's not the whole entire cake!

Madeleine and Mary Townsend were being really quiet in the back of the house. When we went searching for them we found them crouched down in this corner stuffing themselves with chocolate and playing with nail polish!!!! HA!
These two always crack me up with they are together because they act like they are 13 years old! What are we going to do with the when they actually are!!

I still have pictures from her classroom party and she has her 3 year old check up at the end of the month. So there will be more details to come :)

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Katherine 7 months

I cannot believe Katherine is really 7 months old!!! I think I could stay right here forever and be perfectly happy!! She really is the sweetest, easiest baby I could have ever asked for! So many people said it, but you really do love the second child just as much as your first. And each of them is truly special in their own way. Madeleine and Katherine look so much alike but they are two totally different babies so far.

At 7 months Katherine is sitting up very well and playing with toys. She can move around pretty good and get what she wants if it's close by but, I definitely wouldn't say she is crawling anywhere yet.

She LOVES to put everything in her mouth! I had to go buy her a bunch of teething toys because Madeleine never had any and did not like anything in her mouth! She still does not have teeth. The doctor thought it could still be a couple of months. I thought one might pop through any day. So we shall see:)

Katherine is much smaller than Madeleine was. I can't find her exact stat sheet but I do remember her weight being 15 lbs 8 oz and 20th percentile. Her length was in the 65th percentile so she may be taller like Madeleine.

Katherine may never know her real name!!! It could be Katherine, Katie, Kate, Katherine Ruth, Katie Ruth, Kat, Baby Kat, Katie Ru Ru, Ru Ru, or Ru bear. Daniel, Madeleine, Mimi and I all use some form of Ru and David uses Kat a lot. When I talk about Katherine on the blog most of the time I call her Katherine or Katie Ruth. I also do that when I am talking to other people.

Katherine is squealing quite a bit and is getting much louder than she used to be, but still not nearly as loud as Madeleine ever was!

Katherine's favorite toy is the jump-a-roo and she goes absolutely crazy in it. Madeleine loves to swing her around though and it makes me nervous! She also loves her exersaucer.

Katherine loves her paci and if she loses it at night she will put her thumb in her mouth. I think it's so sweet but I try to encourage the paci since I know that is better for her.

Katherine takes 2 to 3 naps per day. She goes to bed between 6 and 7 p.m. and wakes up anywhere from 5:30-7 a.m. (But usually earlier)

She really doesn't care for eating from a spoon and I have been kind of lazy about feeding her. It's been hard to fit it into our schedule and since she doesn't like it I put it off. Oh well, she's fine and I'm not ready for her to grow up anyway! So far, she has tried rice cereal, banana's, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Her pediatrician said to try to introduce a sippy cup and finger foods!!!! What?!?!?!? So I tried some puff and a teething biscuit which she loves. He thought she would do better with finger foods. He was right..... but I am still not ready to move any further than that right now :)

Enjoy the pictures!!!!

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Thanksgiving Class Party

Madeleine had a little Thanksgiving feast at her school and Daniel and I got to join her. Her class sang two cute little songs and Madeleine yelled out Happy Thanksgiving at the end. It was hilarious!

Madeleine and her friend Sam claim to be "Boyfriend and Girlfriend" He brings her pink flowers from his yard :) Sadly for Madeleine this was Sam's last day since his family is moving. Fortunately for Daniel and I we are not ready for boyfriends!!!

Madeleine and her BF Katheryn Ruth. (Yes! It is the same name as our our little Katherine Ruth)

Madeleine sweet table.

She can't wait to break into that snack!

I hardly have any pictures from our actual Thanksgiving since I was busy stuffing my face all day :( Maybe next year.