Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day!

Today was Madeleines's first day of mother's morning out at Trinity Preschool. We are so happy she is there and I think it will be a perfect place for her to start! I feel like Madeleine really needs the interaction with other kids as much as I need a couple of hours to actually get something done! Right now her day mostly consists of play, snacks, outdoors, lunch, and coloring. Really this year will be more about sharing toys and social skills. Her teachers are Mrs. Noelle and Mrs. Roberta and she will have 9 other children in her classroom. Mrs. Roberta also works for Christchurch so Madeleine is already familiar with her. Hopefully it will help lessen the separation anxiety. Madeleine cried as I suspected but she quickly recovered and enjoyed the rest of her day. When I picked her up her teacher said she had a great day and commented that she wanted everyone else's lunch too. As you can see, I packed a ton of food for her and it came home nearly empty!!! I also fed her a huge breakfast. She is just like her mommy :)
While Madeleine was in school I acutally got to dig through the racks at TJ Maxx and Target, get treats and a leash for Lucy at Pet Smart, and have a lunch date with Daniel at Street Cafe. It was the perfect first day for the both of us!


Jenny and I took Madeleine, Emory and Lawson to MMFA and the park yesterday to get the kids out of the house. Jenny, Lawson, and Emory are Madeleine's favorite new playmates. She calls Jenny, Miss Enny. It sounds so cute! Almost every day Madeleine says "Go Lawson's house?"
Madeleine stills seems a little young for the museum but there were still several things she could enjoy. Blocks, puzzles, books, cars ect... Mostly she enjoyed being with her friends.