Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pediatrician Visit and First Bath

Katherine seems to have a very laid back personality so far. She hardly ever cries and when she does it's just a little squeak. She really didn't even cry when we gave her her first bath!!! Of course, I begin to worry like a good mother does :) And I took her to the pediatrician thinking there was something wrong with her because she really never cries and she started having a goopy eye!! Already, I know! Well, as it turns out, she's just a lot more mellow than her older sister and she has a bacterial infection in her eye :) While at the pediatrician I found out that she is already back above her birth weight (this was at 1 week, she is now 2 weeks as I am posting this)! I was really excited to know that she's already back up since she was so tiny!!! Maybe we can fit into newborn size diapers instead of the preemie ones now!

Katherine's Arrival!!!

We feel so blessed to now have 2 beautiful healthy little girls!!! Katherine was a little smaller than her sister weighing in at 6lbs 7oz. We had her at 12:36 p.m. on May 6th! I had an amazingly easy labor and delivery, much different than the first time!!! Katherine is a great nurser and sleeper. Again, much unlike my fist child. Madeleine is doing wonderful adjusting to having a little sister. My biggest hurdle is having enough energy with little sleep to take on 2 children, mainly a two year old!!! Life is definitely different, but we are setting in just fine! Katherine is the perfect fit for our new family of four. I will try to be better about updating. I know everyone is anxious to know how we are doing. As if it wasn't already hard enough for me to keep up a blog, it's even harder now!!!!